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WRF.exe starting with different input files

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New member

Is it possible to use the input files for wrf.exe start (wrfinput_d01, wrfbdy_d01) from other, NOT "run" directory. And defined the path for input files in running (mpirun -np ...) command line?

I have the same questions about wrfout_d01* files: is it possible to write wrf.exe output files in other, NOT "run" directory?

With best regards,
Palina Zaiko
Hi Palina,
Yes, you can use the following variables in the &time_control section of the namelist.input file.

input_inname = "path-to-input-file/wrfinput_d<domain>"
bdy_inname = "path-to-input-file/wrfbdy_d<domain>"
history_outname = "path-where-you-want-history-to-output/wrfout_d<domain>"

Note: I recommend typing those in and not using copy/paste from my suggestions. Sometimes quotes don't copy into the namelist correctly and can cause errors.