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WRF.exe stops after one time step

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I am using WRFv4.1.4 and WPS4.1 forced by ERA-I data and when I run wrf.exe, it stops after the inital time. The rsl.out file does not provide an obvious reason as to why this is happening, so would someone be able to provide insight about this issue?
View attachment wrf_rsl_out.0000.txt

For reference, I have downloaded a month's worth of ERA-I data, including the surface, model-level, geopotential, and invariant data in separate files. I then use calc_ecmwf_p.exe.

Geogrid and ungrib run without issue, and metgrid runs successfully, but I do see the following error messages:
"Error: either SOIL_HGT or SOIL_GEO required to create 3D field"
"Error: LANDSEA.mask does not have a valid mask"
View attachment metgrid.log.txt

Here is my namelist.wps: View attachment namelist.wps.txt
And namelist.input: View attachment namelist.input.txt

Your problem may perhaps have to do with this issue:
Try to concatenate each time period (of intermediate data) prior to running metgrid and see if that makes any difference.