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WRF executables not compiled

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I have successfully run WRF v4.2.1 in serial with Matthew case study. Now I am trying to compile it with dmpar option 34. I am not getting the executables.
My log.compile is attached. Would really appreciate any help.


  • log.compile
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Do you have MPI installed? If so, was it installed with the same compiler and version you're using to compile WRF? There are some tests you can run to make sure MPI is installed correctly and compatible with your GNU, C, and NetCDF. You can find those here:

If those tests show that everything seems to be installed correctly, please issue the following:
./clean -a
setenv J "-j 1"
(or if using bash, use "export J="-j 1")
./compile em_real >& log.compile
and if it doesn't compile, attach the log.compile file, and your configure.wrf file. Thanks!

The tests are all successful.
I followed the suggestions in the previous reply, but no executables created.
Have attached the log.compile and configure.wrf files.


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Thanks! The errors you are getting in the compile log are
/home/sa_cs1jkm/software/WRF/libs/mpich/include: Permission denied

This seems to be a problem with your system settings. If you don't know how to solve this, I would suggest asking for help from a systems administrator at your institution. Unfortunately it's not something we are able to help with.