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WRF input data


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I have been working with the WRF model and I have a question. I know that the WRF model uses input data from global models and, from what I understand, recalculates those variables at a given regional scale and resolution.
I have a question about what does the model do with this data: Does it use it as boundary conditions and solve the entire grid? or Is the data used for each hour in which it simulates? For example, at 00 hours the model uses the data and uses it again at 01 forecast hours.

Do you know of any sources where I can read more about the functionality of the model?

Large scale forcing data (e.g., global model output) are used to produce initial and lateral boundary conditions for WRF. That is, at the initial time of WRF integration, data at each WRF grid are derived from the large scale forcing. After that, the data in WRF grids are produced by WRF physics/dynamics.
The lateral boundary is updated at the intervals of 3-hr, 6-hr or 12-hr depending on the available data of large scale forcing. For example, if you use GFS data at 3-hr interval as the forcing data for WRF, then the lateral boundary of WRF is updated every 3 hours.
Please read the condiment here for better understanding of WRF:
Thank you very much for the information. I was reading about the settings and I saw a smoothing option, I read that we have 3 options but I haven't found any information regarding what option 2 smoothing-desmoothing does. Do you know where I can find more information or tell me how it works?
smoother-desmoother is a filter that removes 2Ax waves and damps short waves, but leaves long waves almost unaffected.
It is applied to the "coarser grid" only in the area where the coarse grid values are overwritten with the nested grid values.

I have been reading about WPS and when I read about metgrid the question arises.

How does the metgrid perform horizontal interpolation? Does it do it point by point in the mesh or does it do it directly over all the points of the mesh?

Where could I find a more specific explanation regarding this interpolation?