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WRF-LES after turn on the tracer the unit is dimensionless


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I am using WRF-LES, and I noticed that the unit shown there is dimensionless. Below is the example of one tracer
northw tracer
IF (config_flags%tracer_opt .eq. 2) THEN
DO j = jds + 52, jds + 56, 1
DO i = ids + 44, ids + 52, 1
IF ( its .LE. i .and. ite .GE. i .and. jts .LE. j .and. jte .GE. j ) THEN
tracer(i, 1, j, P_northw) = 1.

I would like to learn how I could determine the unit of 1 above.

Thanks a lot,

All tracers related to traj_opt = 2 in WRF-ARW are dimensionless. There is no unit attached to these tracers.