WRF-LES(Real data) microphysics doesn't work

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Hi, i'm running WRF in LES mode with real data, using NCEP GDAS Final Analysis data. The problem is that fields Qcloud, qrain, qgraup, qice, qrain, qsnow and their two-dimensional counterparts in the output file all are equal to 0 and constant.

To me, these fields begin to appear in the output file only when dx is greater than 8000-10000 and, accordingly, the boundary layer parameterization is enabled but this is not a LES mode anymore.

Obviously, it shouldn't be that way, what to do to fix the problem?
I am attaching an input file.


  • namelist.input
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I have moved this post to the physics section of the WRF forum, as this pertains to specific physics settings. Someone will respond to your inquiry soon.