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WRF-LES,spin up


I want to do a WRF-LES for about a day, but how should spin up be considered? Is the result of the operation meaningful? I have seen that many literature runs in about one to two days. How to approach this issue?

Seeking everyone's help, thank you all!
Regardless of the type of simulation you are doing, at least a 12-hour spin-up is best.
Can you clarify what you mean by "where to set up the spin up?" You should use the same domain you are using for your full simulation, but just start the simulation about 12 hours earlier than the event or time you are interested in.
你能澄清一下“在哪里设置旋转”是什么意思吗?您应该使用与完整模拟相同的域,但只需比您感兴趣的事件或时间早大约 12 小时开始模拟。
Thank you very much for your reply!