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WRF Module List


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Hi, I had a question about modules that need to loaded to run WRF. Through trial and error, it seems that my WRF compile em_real does not run without having netcdf/ loaded as well. Under the first loaded module I get an error when compiling (Problems building executables...) but when netCDF/ is loaded WRF compile is done just fine. But now since I have two openmpi modules (openmpi 2.0.2 and openmpi 3.0.1-intel) wouldn't it cause an issue when doing mpirun later on? I am failing at running mpirun .real.exe later on and I feel like it's due to having two openmpi versions loaded in my module. Should I unload on and compile again or any other suggestions? Thank you for your help.


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I can't say for sure - I've never tried to have 2 different versions of MPI installed, but if it's not working, yes, try just loading one version of MPI - make sure it's the one that was built with the compiler you're using, and install again. See if that helps. If you haven't already seen this page, it may serve as some guidance.