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WRF Nested Run


New member
Hi All,

I am getting following error when submitting WRF Simulation with nested domain.
em_real]$ tail -f rsl.error.0192
pe 89 1225 1
ms -4 1122 1
me 99 1236 1
d02 2014-12-25_00:00:00 module_io.F: in wrf_write_field
Fatal error in PMPI_Gather: A process has failed, error stack:
PMPI_Gather(856)..........: MPI_Gather(sbuf=0x2e93f04, scount=1, MPI_INT, rbuf=0xa2f5b80, rcount=1, MPI_INT, root=0, comm=0xc400000b) failed
dequeue_and_set_error(888): Communication error with rank 224
em_real]$ tail -f rsl.error.0000
ds 1 1 1
de 1419 1509 1
ps 1 1 1
pe 89 95 1
ms -4 -4 1
me 99 105 1
d02 2014-12-25_00:00:00 module_io.F: in wrf_write_field
FATAL ERROR: collect_on_comm: noutbuf_loc (1776967900) > noutbuf (1536)
WILL NOT perform the collection operation
application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 1) - process 0

I am hereby attaching my namelist.input for your reference.
Simulation is working well with only one domain d01.

Kindly suggest me


Saurabh Kumar


  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.0000
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It's possible that you need to use more processors to run this. If you have more available, can you try using more - perhaps a total greater than 600.
Okay, then as a test to see if it is the number of processors you're using, can you first try running with only a single domain to see if you're able to run the 823x681 domain with 256 processors? If that works, then try adding the second domain, but make it much smaller - around the same size as domain 01 or even smaller, and see if you can run with that size domain. Obviously you'll need to re-run geogrid and metgrid with the new domain.