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I am trying to run simulations comparing different dveg options I am having trouble running dveg 9 when I change the LAI monthly values to the region. When I try to test the dveg 9 option by making the region a desert or rain forest I see no differences between when I run dveg 9 without changing the LAI values and when I modify the LAI values. I change the monthly LAI values in the MPTABLE.TBL in the modified igbp modis noah section. It seems to me that the table is either not being used in dveg 9 or it the tables values are being overwritten to the default table values each time. Any guidance on how to fix this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
WIth the option devg =9, LAI is read from the input data, i.e., LAI in wrfinput, which is derived from LAI12M in geo_em data. Note that the table value will not be used with this option. You may try to change the LAI value in wrfinput over the area of specified desert and/or rainforest, then try again.