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WRF number soil layers


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I'm doing some forecasting with the WRF model for 15 days ahead using GFS as initial and boundary conditions. My results showed that WRF overestimated temperature and precipitation a lot. Among the paths that I can take to improve my results, one of the possibilities regards soil moisture. In these tests, I used num_soil_layers = 4 and sf_surface_physics = 2. How could I increase the number of soil layers? Would it be worth it?

Thanks in advance.
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The number of soil layers comes directly from the input data you are using, so you can only increase this value if you use a different type of data with additional layers. For e.g., GFS data contains 4 layers/levels. You could give that a try and see if it makes any difference. You could run a shorter simulation just to see if you start to notice a better result. It's hard to say if that would be the thing that would help.