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WRF output is not changing from binary format


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I was running the WRF for two domians and tried to do the ARWpost but it was showing errors as indicated in the ARWpost: WARNING --- I do not recognize this data. So i decided to use either ncl or WRF-pytho and so i was trying to convert the wrf output file into netCDF format. I then came across this forum: "WRF Output not coming in NETCDF Format". But I was not able to find the "io_form_output" option in the wrf documentation so I am not sure where this needs to be added.
I am attaching the namelist.input and i will also share the wrfoutput files.

I have uploaded the wrf output files: wrfout_d01_2018-08-12_00:00:00 and wrfout_d02_2018-08-12_00:00:00

Kindly, help me with this issue.


  • namelist.input
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I download your file, and tried to take a look. After ncdump, I got the error below:

NetCDF: HDF error

I am not sure this is because of the large file size, or is it because of some inconsistency in the library. Anyway, would you please rerun this case, but set the nameless option from:

frames_per_outfile = 1000000, 1000000, 1000000,


frames_per_outfile = 1, 1,

The size of the wrfout file should be much smaller. Then please try again and let me know whether you can at least read the data.
I changed the frames_per_outfile to 1. With that file i was able to view it in .nc format as well as run ARWpost with it. I tried to do the same for frames_per_outfile set to 1000 but ARWpost was showing that it is not able to recognize the file. While it is possible to read the files as just one frame per the output file, for longer runs, I think it will be difficult to analyse each separate files one by one. So what can be done if the frames_per_outfile is, say 1000 or 100?
I am uploading the file obtained with frames_per_outfil to 1.File name: wrfout_d01_2018-08-12_02:00:00

I am also attaching the namelist.input for reference.


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ARWpost is an obsolete postprocess package that is no longer under development. It can only be used as is.

I would suggest you that switch to NCL or Python to process wrfout files.
I was trying the ncl but i was facing some issues while converting the bnary wrfout file. the file" wrfout_d01_2018-08-12_02:00:00" is in binary format. I just added ".nc" at its end and it became unidata netcdf document. I did the same for the rest and tried to merge them using the following command but it showed error. Then i just removed the .nc from all files as ran the command as : "ncrcat -o wrfout_d01_2018-*" and errors were coming. How can i convert the wrf output file to netcdf file properly so that i can use the in NCL?