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WRF output radiation at model levels ?


New member
Dear all,

I would like to output radiation components (shortwave up, shortwave down, longwave up and longwave down) at model levels.

How can I do that ?

Many thanks for your help in advance!

In this case you need to look at the codes of the radiation schemes you are using, and find those radiation terms you plan to output. Then you will need to modify Registry, radiation driver, and radiation codes to output these variables. Pleas take a look at the document here:

This document provides some information relevant to your question. Hope it is helpful for you.
Dear Ming,

thanks for your answer!
In the meantime I figured out the routine (RTRN) where I would like to output the variables TOTUFLUX and TOTDFLUX from.
In the following list, I figured out the flow within the model:
Do I need to pipe the variables through all the routines as in/output-variables or is there e.g. a shortcut as variables defined in a module?
Where is the final output realized ?

Many thanks for your help in advance!

Best regards,