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WRF outputs for albedo, emissivity, heat capacity, etc

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Dear WRF community,

I can identify albedo as ALBBCK, emissivity as EMISS and roughness length as ZNT in wrfout_d0*. Where can I find surface heat capacity, soil moisture availability, thermal inertia outputs from WRF simulation? (Of course they are defined in LANDUSE.TBL, but can I output them to files?)
All available variables are listed in the Registry/Registry.EM_COMMON file. I think (maybe) these are the variables you are looking for:

SMOIS - soil moisture - this should already be output as a 3d variable
CAPG - heat capacity for soil
THC - thermal inertia

The second two (CAPG & THC) are not automatically output. If you take a look at the line for THC, for e.g.,
state    real  THC              ij      misc        1         -      r        "THC"                   "THERMAL INERTIA"                              "Cal cm-2 K-1 s-0.5"
the I/O column only has an "r," meaning it's output to restart files only. You can add an "h" to column so that it reads
state    real  THC              ij      misc        1         -      rh        "THC"                   "THERMAL INERTIA"                              "Cal cm-2 K-1 s-0.5"
and then you can do the same for CAPG. If you do this, you'll need to clean -a, reconfigure, and recompile the code. There is another option for outputting variables, without having to recompile. You can read about that in this section of the Users Guide.