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wrf/physics modification

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2023xiaoli -a

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Hello,everyone,I want to be in the latest wrf In version 4.3, I want to modify the functions of photovoltaic modules. My demand is to set its periphery as photovoltaic buildings for a coastal city, while the interior of the city is general buildings. Explore the differences in the results of meteorological parameters simulated by WRF under this boundary. However, I only know that it needs to be modified in the physics folder of WRF, but I don't know which files need to be modified and where to start, Does anyone know how to do this piece
Please take a look at the two papers below. Hope you can find some useful information:

Salamanca, F., and A. Martilli, 2010: A new building energy model coupled with an urban canopy parameterization for urban climate simulations––part II. Validation with one dimension off–line simulations. Theor. Appl. Climatol., 99, 345–356.

Martilli A, Clappier A, and Rotach M.W., 2002: An urban surface exchange parameterization for mesoscale models. Bound.-Layer Meteorol., 104, 261–304.