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WRF real.exe crashes with PX-LSM and HRRR data

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While running WRF real.exe, I get the following error that results in the model crash:
d01 2017-09-10_08:00:00 flag_soil_layers at end of optional_lsm_levels is  0
d01 2017-09-10_08:00:00 flag_soil_levels at end of optional_lsm_levels is  1
d01 2017-09-10_08:00:00 st_levels_input =   0   1   4  10  30  60 100 160 300
d01 2017-09-10_08:00:00 sm_levels_input =   0   1   4  10  30  60 100 160 300
d01 2017-09-10_08:00:00 sw_levels_input =   0   1   4  10  30  60 100 160 300
-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
FATAL CALLED FROM FILE:  <stdin>  LINE:    1701

WPS was run with HRRR data (which has 9 soil levels), and for WRF-ARW I am using PX-LSM with following settings:
sf_sfclay_physics   = 7
sf_surface_physics = 7
bl_pbl_physics       = 7
num_soil_layers     = 2

Any thoughts on what could be wrong here?
Hi Vikram,
Can you attach the namelist.input file you're using, as well as your output error file (rsl.error.0000), and please let me know what version of WRF you are using? Thanks!
Hi Kelly,

I was able to get around the error by forcing the
global attribute in the met_em* file to 0, and the model ran just fine after that. However, that is not a permanent fix, and I am also not sure how/if that affects the model outputs.
I am using WRF, and attached is the namelist.input file. Unfortunately, After rerunning the model with above hack, the old rsl.error.0000 file was overwritten but I can upload that after I rerun the model to fail.



  • namelist.input
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Has there been any update on this? I am running into the same problem using WRF 4.3 on Cheyenne. I can provide files if needed.
It doesn't look like we ever received enough information to determine the cause of the problem the other user was seeing. Are you experiencing the error too? If so, and if you're not using the latest version of WRF (V4.3.3), can you try with that version to let me know if it's still an issue? Thanks!