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WRF Resources and Documentation

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To obtain the WRF model, become a registered user and then follow instructions to either clone or download the WRF source code from GitHub.

1) Courses by the COMET group at NCAR provide basic NWP training.
2) Container options, provided by the DTC lab at NCAR
3) Tutorial presentations: recorded presentations; .pdf versions of presentations
4) WRF Online Tutorial
5) WRF Users’ Guide
6) WRF and WPS Compiling Tutorial
7) WRF Technical Note
8) Best Practice for Namelists (provides recommended settings for creating a reasonable domain and other namelist descriptions):
WPS: WRF namelist.wps Best Prac
WRF: WRF Namelist.input Best Prac

For other information on downloading, etc. see the WRF Users’ Home Page.
Not open for further replies.