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WRF Restart: error reading restart file


New member
I am trying to run a restart from a simulation with 2 nested domains so that the smallest nest can be output at a higher frequency. My initial set up had history_interval = 60, 10, 02. However, I wanted D03 output every 5 seconds for the restart. This led to me changing to history_interval_s = 3600, 600, 05. When I went to run the restart, I got an error opening the first restart file for D01. Is this due to changing the history interval variable from minutes to seconds? I have the override restart timer variable set to true.

RESTART run: opening wrfrst_d01_2015-06-26_04:30:00 for reading

-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------


program wrf: error opening wrfrst_d01_2015-06-26_04:30:00 for reading
Do you have a file called "wrfrst_d01_2015-06-26_04:30:00" in your running directory? I assume that's the exact time you're staring your restart simulation (specified in the namelist)?
Yes I do. I have a file like that for d01, d02, and d03. And yes that's the exact time I'm restarting the simulation.
Can you issue the following:
ls -ls wrfrst* >& log.wrfrst.txt

and then attach that log.wrfrst.txt file, along with your namelist.input file? Thanks!
Thanks for sending those. I've tried to repeat your case, but I'm not able to because my restart simulation is working. Can you share the following files?
1. original namelist.input you used (before the restart)
2. full error log file
3. wrfbdy_d01
4. wrfrst_d01_2015-06-26_04:30:00

If any of those files are too large to attach, take a look at the home page of this forum for information on sharing large files. Thanks!