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WRF SCM grid size and interaction

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I am trying to use the WRF SCM to run experiments but run into some questions relating to the way the domain is setup (the WRF SCM runs on a 2x2 grid). Specifically:

  • What is the function of dx and dy in the WRF SCM namelist? As far as I understood, the horizontal resolution does not matter in single column models. But in WRF SCM we have to specify this. How are dx and dy used in the WRF SCM? Are they only relevant for scale-aware physics scheme? Or do they have other effects?
  • Are there any interactions between the grids? I have run a few experiments and it seems that the output for each grid is the same.. although I must admit I haven't done a systematic test to confirm this.

I appreciate any insights you can provide me, thank you!
Some of the questions here are answered in this post:

As for DX/DY, there isn't much function to those values. As this is simply a 1d case without any dynamics coming in/out of the grid, the resolution isn't necessary. The reason they are left in the namelist for this case is due to the fact that some of the physics routines specifically ask for the values of DX/DY, and if they are missing in the namelist, or unreasonable for such a domain, then there could be problems. It's likely that the values provided in the default namelist for this case would be reasonable to use for whatever application you may be doing.