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WRF sensitivity tests

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I'm a student from Istanbul. My friends and I are working on a WRF sensitivity project. We would like to test the best-found parameterizations from the past studies on different thunderstorm events in Istanbul.

Is there any link to provide past works on sensitivity tests? I do not know if the WRF collects all studies which include WRF runs. Our study area is Istanbul metropolitan area. Because of the climate characteristics, we are looking for researches, especially from the Mediterranean Sea area.

Have a nice day, thank you.
With many physics and dynamic options available in WRF, it is important to choose the appropriate options. However, the model results are often case dependent, and there is no 'specific' suite that performs better than other suites. You need to try different options and figure out the best options specifically for your case.
thank you for replying. I sure know how to test parameters and doing sensitivity tests. However, what I'm looking for is a database where WRF sensitivity tests were collected for quick access. For example, We found a few sensitivity tests on the Mediterranean region and analyzed them to clarify one solid parameterization set without making whole runs again. But, to decide, more study we find should give better sense.
On the other hand, we have no intention to solve a single case but to look into multiple thunderstorm events and figure out how our set predicts different cases. Is it working with the same capacity or will it differ?
The same capacity will be working for your study.
Unfortunately we didn't collect WRF sensitivity tests over any specific regions. This is why we cannot provide recommendations of physics and dynamics that perform better for areas of interests. Some general rules are applied and may be helpful for your study. Please see the tutorial talk: