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WRF-SFIRE error when compiling test case

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I have been attempting to compile WRF-SFIRE for a test case following the instructions given here and here However, I have been receiving an error while compiling that looks similar to what is posted here: I will also attach my compile log for reference.

I'm wondering if anyone may have suggestions on what could be causing this error for me? I noticed that the issue I have linked above was fixed by installing an older version of flex, however in the installation instructions for WRF-SFIRE flex is not mentioned anywhere, so I am unsure if this is related to the issue I am having. Further, because of the error I am receiving, I am wondering whether WRFCHEM is needed in order to run WRF-SFIRE?

Sorry for the somewhat naïve questions, I have been trying to figure out this error for some time now but haven't made much progress.

Thanks for any input!


  • compile.log
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I first would like to apologize for the delay in response. I've been out of the office much over the last couple of weeks.

Our office doesn't support or manage the wrf-sfire code, but I can attempt to provide a few things that could be helpful.
1) Are you able to build standard WRF code?
If so, then this is definitely an issue that is specific to wrf-sfire, and you will need to contact someone who is in charge of that code.

2) You could also try to use a newer version of GNU, and to set J="-j 1" before compiling (after a clean -a) again.

3) We've had previous complaints about this (see here), but the problem was with a different scheme - the fast version of the RRTMG scheme, and a fix was implemented since. We haven't seen anything like this related to the standard rrtmg schemes. If you are tech-saavy, you could attempt to create a fix similar to the one listed in the above post if you aren't planning to use RRTMG.