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WRF-SFIRE standalone model runtime problem

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New member

We are trying to implement the WRF-SFIRE code in our operational WRF environment but at the time of executing fire.exe, we have difficulties, the process fails at the very beginning of the program producing the following error message:

reading flags from file namelist.input
fire domain dimensions 1 1490 1 1490
fire memory dimensions -4 1495 -4 1495
fire patch dimensions 1 1490 1 1490
fire tile dimensions 1 1490 1 1490
from namelist.input: history_interval= 3600.00 time_step= 8.000000s time steps in history frame 450.000000
adjusted: 3600.00 time_step= 8.0000s time steps in history frame 450
read_vars: reading file frame 2
Time 2019-05-03_00:05:00
NetCDF error: NetCDF: Variable not found
SFIRE:crash: cannot find UNIT_FXLONG
crash: cannot find UNIT_FXLONG

We followed the step by step instructions of the WRF-SFIRE User Guide ( but I think we are misunderstanding something. Our idea is to catch the operational WRF output files we generate every day up to 72 hours. The output frequency is 5 minutes. We renamed the output to and ran fire.exe in the same directory. The has been created but it was empty (except for the header) and the error message mentioned above has been generated.
We also attach the &fire section of the namelist.input:
ifire = 2,
fire_fuel_read = 0,
fire_fuel_cat = 1,

fire_num_ignitions = 1,
fire_ignition_ros1 = 0.05,
fire_ignition_start_x1 = 0.5,
fire_ignition_start_y1 = 38.6,
fire_ignition_end_x1 = 0.7,
fire_ignition_end_y1 = 38.9,
fire_ignition_radius1 = 80.,
fire_ignition_start_time1 = 2.,
fire_ignition_end_time1 = 180.,


Is there any way to execute this fire model (even multiple times with different ignition lines) without rerunning the atmospheric WRF? The WRF-Fire coupled model is working in our environment, but the calculation cost is too expensive compared to our capabilities.
I guess some variables might be expected (NFUEL_CAT, ZSF) in the wrfout files that must be added, but even if we put them separately (we have downloaded the correspondent databases) the model still doesn't work.

We are appreciated for any suggestion.

Would you please post details how you solved the problem? This might be helpful for other users who have the similar issues.
Thank you in advance.