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WRF-Solar Compilation Error

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I have successfully installed and run the real case test of latest WRF version 4.1.

However, as my project is on forecasting of solar irradiance, accordingly I downloaded WRF-Solar version 1.2.4 and MADCAST from

The compilation of WRF-Solar for real case does not generate wrf.exe, real.exe, ndown.exe or tc.exe and it gives FATAL error as per the attached compilation log file.

I would request to kindly assist me to resolve this problem.

Please also clarify if really need to install separate WRF-Solar 1.2.4 or the latest WRF version includes the same.

Is there any online tutorial or case study to run WRF Solar?

Thanks for the support.



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Hi Jayesh,
Unfortunately our group is not the one that developed or supports WRF-Solar; however, I can try to help before I point you to their group. You mentioned you were able to compile the latest version of WRF; however, WRF-Solar seems to be based on V3.6, which is pretty old. I'm wondering if your compiler is too new for the older code. Can you try to install basic WRF (without Solar) for V3.6 to see if you are able to compile that? I'm attaching the tar file containing the source code.


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Hi Kwerner,

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I read the literature of WRF-Solar and it seems that I do not need to install separate WRF version. I can use the same WRF version 4 but I will have to modify name list and format. Unfortunately, I could not find detailed information about the compilation for the same.

I would appreciate if there is any guidelines for the same.


I would like to apologize for the delay. I was out of the office last week and am trying to get caught up now. Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately, we don't have a similar tutorial for compiling the older version of WRF-Solar; however, I just found in my notes that beginning with WRFV4.2, WRF-Solar is actually built into the system and would just be used similarly to a module - i.e., there are just some namelist settings that would be required. Would you be willing to use V4.2 to give this a try? If so, I believe the namelist changes necessary can be found from the WRF-Solar web page (under the Users Guide) tab.