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WRF Timeseries Output Inverse Density 'alt'

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I am currently attempting at extracting the instantaneous inverse density as a timeseries with the TSLIST option. I have been following the guide here :

I believe I may be missing something in my own version with this error during compilation ,
       ts_file_endings = (/ 'UU', 'VV', 'PH', 'TH', 'QV' ,'WW', 'PR', 'QP', 'RHO' /)
Error: Different CHARACTER lengths (2/3) in array constructor at (1)

                   WRITE(ts_profile_filename(i-1:i),'(A2)') ts_file_endings(j)
Error: Function ‘ts_file_endings’ at (1) has no IMPLICIT type

                DO j=1,SIZE(ts_file_endings)

Here QP is a new variable we have previously added with no problem so likely that isn't the error. I'm not really comfortable with FORTRAN but I believe the error comes from this line that is added in the #EM_CORE block,

 grid%ts_rho_profile(n,i,k) = grid%alt(ix,k,iy)

I can provide any additional changes I've made if that helps spot the problem.

Thank You,
Update 18 Jan 2021

A colleague of mine was able to diagnose the issue I was having prior, as it turns out the ts_file_endings is expecting only characters of length 2 where as my variable name was 'RHO' it should have read 'RH'. The correct line is as such

      ts_file_endings = (/ 'UU', 'VV', 'PH', 'TH', 'QV' ,'WW', 'PR', 'QP', 'RH' /)

Also for ease of life we can store the value of 'alt' density as follows

             grid%ts_rho_profile(n,i,k) = 1/grid%alt(ix,k,iy)

After this fix I am able to compile ... Sadly my new issue is the associated CSV files are not saving during runtime :^)

* Update 19 Jan 2021

I found the solution to my problem but it's rather specific to my own WRF build so I'm not sure how much it would help others.

- Jesse
Thanks for the detailed description of the problem and solution. We appreciate your kindness to share this information with the community.