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WRF V4.1.2 release

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In the WRF Version 4.1.2 release there is a bug fix in temperature and winds computation when the “traditional fields” diagnostics option is turned on.

What is the “traditional fields” diagnostics option? Which namelist option is that?

Thanks for your help!

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That is a good question, as this doesn't seem to be mentioned in the Users' Guide yet. Here is a description of this option (which can also be found in WRF/run/README.namelist):

Traditional / full fields model output

The ARW WRF model output may be modified at run-time to also include a stream that contains
more traditional fields: temperature, pressure, geopotential height, etc. The flag needs to
be activated in the namelist (diag_nwp2 = 1). In the registry.trad_fields, the output stream
is "h1", so that stream needs to be explicitly requested in the namelist.input file.

diag_nwp2 = 1

io_form_auxhist1 = 2
auxhist1_interval = 180, 30, 30,
frames_per_auxhist1 = 1, 1, 1,
auxhist1_outname = "wrf_trad_fields_d<domain>_<date>"

thanks for your reply and explanation!

Does that mean if I didn't turn on the diag_nwp2 option, then the simulated temperature and wind were correct and not affected by this bug fix?

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