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WRF v4.1 compiling error

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I have been trying to compile WRF v4.1 em_real with GNU compiler and dmpar option on Linux Ubuntu 18.04, but am unsuccessful in doing so. I have attached configure.wrf and compile.log. Kindly look into these to help me remove these errors.



  • compile.log
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  • configure.wrf
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1) I assume, based on the paths I see in your compile log, that you followed the instructions from the WRF Compilation Tutorial ( Did you pass all the tests in the System Environment Tests and Library Compatibility Tests sections?

2) Did you make any modifications to your original code prior to compiling?

3) If not, can you issue a 'clean -a', and then issue:
setenv J "-j 1"
(csh example)
export J="-j 1"
(bash example)
then reconfigure and recompile, and attach the new configure.wrf and compile log?