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WRF WIZARD: UNGRIB ERROR : mismatch btw namelist.wps and


New member

My name is MMaria and i am new in this area. I really need a little help and patience!

I am having trouble with the ungrib part on WRF WIZARD.

My file is grb(every 6 hour with a file), ranging from 20180925 00:00:00 to 20180925 18:00 from ERA5 and I want to make a 24-hour simulation initating on 20180925 00:00:00. I've made the download on ECMWF website.

So, when click in ungrib, i get this message:

"This error typically comes from a mismatch between dates found in the namelist.wps and the date of GRIBFILE.AAA"

I've already checked the data on namelist.wps and seems to agree with the date of my file. I thougt it could be a problem with the VTable... Could it be possible?

FYI, I am using WPSV4.0 and my namelist.wps file is attached below.

What should I do to fix it? Hope you can help me!





  • namelist.wps
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We don't support WRF WIZARD.

Would you please run the standard WPS/WRF codes and follow the instruction in WRF USER's Guide?