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WRF4.2.1 restart run crashes with "forrtl: severe (66): output statement overflows record, unit -5, file ...

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Hi all,

I try to make a restart run with WRF4.2.1.m, but directly after starting I it stops with the following error:

alloc_space_field: domain 1 , 144503580 bytes allocated
forrtl: severe (66): output statement overflows record, unit -5, file Internal List-Directed Write

Attached is my namelist.input.

What is wrong ? Are there any inconsistencies with respect to the restart case ?

Many thanks in advance !



  • namelist.input
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Further checking the internet boiled down the problem:

I could circumvent the problem by setting links from the directory where restart files are stored (defined by "rst_outname" from namelist.input) to the directory where WRF is run. You may find a Python script here ( doing the job for you.