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WRF4.3.2 crashes while writing output

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Hi all,

I am having some issues running WRF V4.3.2 with MOZART-MOSAIC chemistry (chem_opt = 201). The simulation starts correctly and works fine until the model attempts to write wrfout. In particular, when reaching the history_interval the simulation crashes without any message. Playing a bit with some debugging flags, I have been able to find the lines where the model stops:

<stdin> writing 2d real aod2d_out Status = 0
forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
Image PC Routine Line Source
wrf.exe 0000000013AF4254 Unknown Unknown Unknown
libpthread-2.17.s 00002B4F1EC8F370 Unknown Unknown Unknown
wrf.exe 0000000005A8F76E output_wrf_ 1046 output_wrf.f90
wrf.exe 000000000581835C module_io_domain_ 392 module_io_domain.f90
wrf.exe 0000000005C5C89D med_hist_out_ 943 mediation_integrate.f90
wrf.exe 0000000005C35FD7 med_before_solve_ 65 mediation_integrate.f90
wrf.exe 000000000058391B module_integrate_ 319 module_integrate.f90
wrf.exe 000000000041158D module_wrf_top_mp 326 module_wrf_top.f90
wrf.exe 0000000000410D55 MAIN__ 29 wrf.f90
wrf.exe 0000000000410D0E Unknown Unknown Unknown 00002B4F1EEBDB35 __libc_start_main Unknown Unknown
wrf.exe 0000000000410C29 Unknown Unknown Unknown

Looking at the rsl.error file, it seems to me that WRF fails to save the variable called aod2d_out. Do you have any idea why this happens? I do not think it is a memory issue as I am running a test simulation on a small domain; also, in case of NaNs during computation of AOD, or other chemical species, I would expect the model crashes in some subroutine related to chemistry, while the simulation moves on without any problem until it reaches the history_interval.

Can you please help me to find the issue? I attach the namelist and rsl.error. I compiled the model in debug mode with these flags: -g $(FCNOOPT) -traceback -fpe0 -ftrapuv -check bounds

Thanks a lot!


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