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WRFDA issue

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Dear all,

I would like to report an issue that I face during cycling data assimilation simulations using WRFDA V4.0 and WRFV4.0.2.

My configuration includes two nested domains. First, I apply a control simulation without assimilation (e.g., at 10/05/2018 00 UTC). Then, I apply an assimilation simulation for d02 using the d02 06 UTC forecast as first guess.

Both WRFDA and WRF are implemented successfully. When I plot the mean sea level pressure from the wrfinput files, I sea noticeable changes in the field (see attached images). However, when I plot the mean sea level pressure at the first wrf time step from the assimilation simulation, I see a completely different field (see wrfout_da_d02.png).

When I checked the base state and perturbation pressure, I see the above mentioned difference in the latter:
Pminimum = -0,25 hPa, Pmaximum = 10,2775 hPa in the control run
Pminimum = -25,0181 hPa, Pmaximum = 3,42492 hPa in the assimilation run

After the first time step the mean sea level pressure is consistent.

Could you please help me solving this issue? Is it a bug issue probably?

Please find attached the namelists that I use.

Thank you very much in advance!


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