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Wrfout times

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Wrfout is not producing the correct times in the wrfout files, has anyone had this problem before?

I am running on WRFV3.8, and ouptutting the files as NetCDF4 files to save space. I am outputting at one hourly resolution, with 168 hours per file (so one per week). Due to computer limitations I have had to restart the run twice. It runs fine to start with, then when restarted (I think on 02/02/2015 in the image below), the timestamp no longer exactly matches the hour (it looks like the nearest timestep). When I restarted again (on the 30/03/2015), it produced a huge number of wrfout files spaced very closely together. They still claim to have 168 output files in them, but the times are very close together. Domain 1 still has weekly on-the-hour wrfout files (although some of the times in the wrfout files are a few seconds off, as if step_to_output_time is not working), domain 2 and 3 have the same numbers at the same times, and domain 4 has more (picture shown here).


I haven’t changed anything except the date for the restart runs. I am running two very similar runs as a sensitivity test, and they both have the same problem. The restart runs have the correct times (on the hour). My namelist is attached.


  • namelist.input
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Try adding 'override_restart_timers = .true.' to the &time_control section of the namelist. This should help with this problem.
Thanks very much for such a quick response. That seems to have done the trick (although the other restart run ran fine without it, so it seems to be a bit random). I also added adjust_output_times = .true.,

Many thanks