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Writing surface wind components to WPS intermediate format

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Chris Thomas

New member
I am using the Australian Bureau of Meteorology BARRA reanalysis dataset to provide met data, and I am writing a Fortran program to convert these data to the WPS intermediate format. According to the ARW users guide (Section entitled 'Writing Meteorological Data to the Intermediate Format') real.exe requires UU and VV at 2 metres agl. The BARRA dataset provides these wind components at 10 metres which is perhaps more typical height for surface wind data (?).

For UU and VV, is 2 m a misprint in the Users Guide or does real.exe actually expect wind data at 2 m agl?
If 2 m agl is what is intended, would simply substituting the U10 and V10 data be really silly? If so, is there a way to tell WRF that we are using U10 and V10 instead of U2 and V2? Or can you suggest some other way to proceed?

Similarly the BARRA screen temperature and humidity data are at 1.5 m instead of 2 m, but I am assuming that this would make little difference. Do you agree?

I think I have answered my own question: some of the Vtables have a notation or a metgrid Description that indicates that the surface wind speeds are at 10 m. Perhaps the section of the user guide titled 'Writing Meteorological Data to the Intermediate Format' could be corrected to reflect this.

Hi Chris,
I believe you are correct. Thank you for pointing this out. We will take care of it.