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You have set surface_input_source = 3, but your geogrid data does not have valid dominant land use data.

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I use WRFV3.9.1 ,in em_real,after ./real.exe,I have an error
You have set surface_input_source = 3, but your geogrid data does not have valid dominant land use data.
In the file module_initialize_real.F,it seems that the lu_index in met* file is wrrong. But from ncdump,the lu_index is valid.


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Your namelist.wps and namelist.input both look fine, except that num_land_cat = 38. I suppose you have modified the codes to incorporate more land use type, right? However, your namelist.wps indicates that you only use modis_15s+default as your static inout data.
My question is: why do you set num_land_cat = 38?
In GEOGRID.TBL, the setting is the same you mentioned, i.e., dominant = LU_INDEX
I understand why set num_land_cat = 38 due to the different static dataset you used. I am just curious whether you also have changed the codes in order to make it work? And I suppose these changes are specifically conducted for this static dataset, please let me know if I am wrong.
If possible, would you please provide a brief description of the data and related code changes? Thanks.
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These changes are for WUDAPT or LCZ. I make the related code changes with mainly in chapter 3. I changed 7 files in phys(module_sf_urban.F,module_surface_driver.F , module_sf_noahdrv.F,module_sf_bep.F,module_sf_bep_bem.F,module_sf_noahmp_groundwater.F,module_sf_noahmpdrv.F), URBPARM.TBL and LANDUSE.TBL to modify the number of urban type. And the static data of landuse is generated by SAGA-GIS with tool "Export WRF Geogrid Binary Format".
Thanks for the description and link to the paper. They are helpful for us to understand this specific case and provide reference for others who may want to do similar research.