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Zero values for RAINC and RAINNC

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Hi! I'm getting zero values for RAINC and RAINNC variables from my wrfoutput. Any ideas on why?

Files - wrfouput, metgrid, and namelist - are uploaded at ; they are too big for this site. Thank you
I looked at your namelist.input. I suppose this is pre-set moving nest case. Please let me know if I am wrong. I have a few concerns about this case:
(1) Can you run the case with vortex-following moving nest? I ask this because it is hard to correctly specify options for pre-set moving nest
(2) You in with surface_physics = 1 (thermal diffusion scheme), which requires num_soil_layers = 5.
(3) For 9km rresolllution, we commend to turn on cumulus scheme, although this is kind of green zone.
(4) You run the case for 6 hours. Please make sure there did have precipitation during this short period.
Hi Ming Chen! Thank you for your reply.

To answer your questions:
1. I am using a DA system that assimilates vortex location, so I cannot use vortex-following nest in this case.
2. I didn't know this. Could this be causing the error? I'll try running it now with sf_surface_physics=2. I will update you ASAP
3. Yes, it is quite debatable :)
4. Yes, there are surely precipitations as I am simulating during a typhoon. Also there are also files for the next several hours and days, all of them gives zero rain values.
Hi! I have tried running with sf_surface_physics = 2 (noah), since num_soil_layers=4 in metgrid files. Unfortunately, same zero values exist for rain.

btw, I'm using WRF V3.6.1