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Zeros LAT and LONG values


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Hi everyone I need help please, I ran an idealized 2D hill test case and the WRF output, when I ran using WRF python, has zeros as its Xlat and Xlong.
Just a bunch of zeros on the latitude and longitude domain.
I would like to know if there is anything that can be done t edit or fill in the latitude and longitude from being just zero.

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Most of the ideal cases don't provide lat/long information because these cases are not run on grids with specific map projection. In these cases some physics options like xlat/xlong don't really matter.
If you really need to specify such information, you need to modify the initialization code for the ideal case you are interested. For WRF version earlier than WRV4.0, each ideal case has its own initialization code, for example module_initialize_quarter_ss.F for quarter_ss. Since WRFv4, the initialization of all ideal cases are put in the same code module_initialize_ideal.F.
Please take a look at the initialization for seabreeze2d_x, in which xlat and xlong are explicitly specified. Note that they don't correspond to realistic location of the grid on earth and no map-projection is specified.