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modifying data

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    WARNING invalid category of 0. all result is 0

    I need help~ I attempted to replace the static data in WPS using the following steps: Utilized "convert_geotiff -t 5000 albedo.tif" to convert the tiff to GeoTIFF data. Modified the index of the resulting binary data as follows: projection = regular_ll known_x = 1 known_y = 3546 known_lat =...
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    Modify static data in WRF but segmentation fault

    Hello ! I want to replace the static data of LAI, ALBEDO, and LU_INDEX in WRF. I chose to directly replace the data. After the replacement is successful, both metgrid.exe and real.exe can run successfully, and the resulting data is fine. However, in the final step of running...
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    How to Implement Irrigation in WRF model?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a research to study how irrigation can influence some climate parameters in Egypt. I've already conducted a control, basic run using WRF v4.1.3. Now, I would like to introduce irrigation into the model. What my mentor is saying we could modify the Noah...
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    editing Soil moisture and wind speed

    Dear all, I am trying to learn about the most important parameters influenced on a dust storm so I have changed the amount of different parameters and compared them with each other. Now I want to change the amount of soil moisture and wind speed. Hence I have a couple of questions. First of all...