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Modify static data in WRF but segmentation fault


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Hello !
I want to replace the static data of LAI, ALBEDO, and LU_INDEX in WRF. I chose to directly replace the data. After the replacement is successful, both metgrid.exe and real.exe can run successfully, and the resulting data is fine. However, in the final step of running wrf.exe, I encounter an error 'forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred'. I have uploaded the replaced, the successfully run met_em data, wrfinput.d02 data, and the error message. Has anyone encountered a similar issue?


  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.0000
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1) Have you tested this simulation using a NON-modified geo_em* file? Does it run without issues in that case?
2) You said you uploaded the file, met_em* files, and the wrfinput_d02 data. Where did you upload those files?
3) Is this related to the same issue you posted about here?
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