segmentation fault

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    WRF Restart Runs Fail When Mosaic Land Use Tiling Is On

    Hello, I am attempting to run nested (9km x 3km x 1km) urban simulations with the use of the mosaic landuse categories option. The simulation is stable and the output is realistic when I initialize and integrate the model forward in time. However, whenever my compute limit is reached and I...
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    Segmentation fault after N time steps in real.exe with ERA5 boundary conditions

    Hi all, I'm attempting to run a three-month simulation with WRF using ERA5 boundary conditions. I have successfully generated the metgrid files and real.exe runs fine for small time subsets. When I try to run real.exe for the full simulation time it segfaults, always during loop number 626. The...
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    (RESOLVED) forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred --> namelist typo

    Hello, I already read multiple posts on this forum quoting this error but none of the provided issues to check or solution to try seemed to work (e.g. : no CFL error). I'm using inputs from ndown.exe (originating from wrfout* by WRF 3.6.1) into a 2-domains (121x121) nested run by WRF 4.2.1...
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    Segmentation fault running WRF with nested domain

    I'm trying to run a real data WRF simulation (initialised with NCEP data) with one nest on an HPC cluster. All the WPS setup programs (metgrid, geogrid, and ungrib) completed successfully, as did real.exe. When I run wrf.exe it produces the first wrfout file for each domain and then crashes...
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    Segmentation fault when using nested domains

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to run WRF-CHEM with all the chemistry options turned off, just to test that it works as expected. The idea is to add biogenic emissions later when we check that everything is ok. The first test simulation without nesting worked fine. However, WRF-CHEM raises a...
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    Segmentation fault in WRFDA when assimilating AHI data

    When I assimilate the AHI data on WRFDAV4.4, I get a memory error, but when I assimilate it at another time, it works fine, and I have re-downloaded the data several times with the same problem. According to the output of the rsl.out file, the program ended at the time of the VARBC. I would...
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    SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault occurred while running real.exe for a Nested case

    Greetings all, I'm trying to run a nested , 5 months long case on a precompiled WRF system using ERA-5 both single and pressure level dataset and I used the following reference to download the data from:
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    error while running wrf "Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference"

    Hello, As a part of my work I am running wrf on a thunderstorm event with different pbl schemes. I have attached the namelist.input , wrfbdy , wrfinput , wrfflowinp , rsl.error , rsl.out files (Please find the attached link)" WRF - Google Drive ". I used 8 cores . The error is in rsl.error.002...
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    Segmentation Error

    Hello All I hope you're doing well I am doing a simulation on WRF 4-3.2 but wrf.exe fails just i am running for 30 hours (6 hours spinup time) I get the following error: Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Backtrace for this error: #0...
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    Segmentation fault

    Hi, I am running the following simulation (see namelist attached), which works fine for some selected days but not for others. For the one attached here it crashes after some time without any clear error message.I tried reducing the timestep from 10 to 1 and also added ulimit -s unlimited, but...