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segmentation fault

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    CFL error while running WRF-ARW

    Hello everyone, I'm running some simulations with WRF version 4.5.1 coupled with sf_urban_physics = 2 and bl_pbl_physics = 8 for three one-way nested domains for a month. Initially, I defined the eta levels with auto_levels_opt = 2, dzbot = 35, dzstretch_s = 1.3, and dzstretch_u = 1.1. This way...
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    Segmentation fault with real.exe --> Subroutine input_chem_profile

    Hello, I am trying to run WRF-Chem v4.5.2. When I use chem_opt=201, real.exe stops with a seg fault error. I have tried this with WRF-Chem v4.4.2 and I receive the exact same segmentation fault error. I have looked at the other posts and none of those solutions worked for me. I am still waiting...
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    Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

    Hello, I am trying to run WRF-Chem v4.3. When I use chem_opt=132, after real.exe it stopped after a few seconds. (attached namelist.input and rsl.error.0001) I really need help. Thank you!
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    Segmentation Faults just prior to integration

    Hello, I'm currently running WRF V4.5.2 built with Classic Intel compilers (dm+sm) on Princeton's research computing clusters. I'm using 0.25 GFS as input data, and when I run the model it always seg faults right before integration. The rsl.out/error files didn't show the fault, but I hope they...
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    Segmentation fault while running physics schemes tests with NDOWN inputs

    Hello, After I successfully ran a "Base" physics configuration (see table below) multiple times, doing high-res. topgraphy and vertical-levels-number experiments, I needed to try other physics parameterizations. According to an extensive literature review and my case's characteristics...
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    Problem with wind and the change of vertical layers.

    Hello everyone, Sorry for my English. You'll see, I've run WRF with the default distribution of vertical layers (in my case, e_vert=35). For a better resolution in the lower layers, I set up the following distribution: eta_levels = 1.000, 0.998, 0.994, 0.990, 0.988, 0.982...
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    Segmentation fault while running wrf.exe at 1km resolution

    Hi, I am using the WRF v4.0 model for simulations over the mountainous region of India. Model IC/BC is being used from ERA5 datasets. Simulation has three domains, i.e., D1 = 20 km, D2 = 4 km, and D3 = 1 km resolution. WPS and WRF-real completed without any error messages while running wrf.exe...
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    restart run encountered segmentation fault

    Hello all, I'm using WRF version 4.5 to perform a restart run test, But I encountered segmentation fault like the follows at the beginning of restart run: [ib0306:55202:0:55202] Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault: address not mapped to object at address 0xfffffffe07e74c40) ==== backtrace...
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    How can I run wrf-les with a generated wrfinput

    I have generated an analysis after the EnKF and now I want to link it as wrfinput to run wrf-les, but a segment fault always happens when the run just begins. I'm sure my disk and memory are sufficient and time_step is suitable. How can I run the wrf-les with this file? I wonder whether I can...
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    MPAS-A issues with parallelization: Segmentation fault

    Dear, I'm having some (hopefully standard) issues running MPAS-A. I'm running a regional circular domain of 1500 km diameter on a 3km resolution. Using ERA5 as initial and boundary conditions, and OSTIA for sea surface temperature, ./init_atmosphere_model runs fine and the and lbc*.nc...
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    Modify static data in WRF but segmentation fault

    Hello ! I want to replace the static data of LAI, ALBEDO, and LU_INDEX in WRF. I chose to directly replace the data. After the replacement is successful, both metgrid.exe and real.exe can run successfully, and the resulting data is fine. However, in the final step of running...
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    GEOGRID.exe Segmentation error

    Anyone please give solution. I am trying to run geogrid for nested domains and recieved this error. Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Backtrace for this error: #0 0x7f1bfd487d21 in ??? #1 0x7f1bfd486ef5 in ??? #2 0x7f1bfd16908f in ??? #3...
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    Segmentation Error or decrease the runtime

    Hello everyone, First, sorry for my English. I hope you understand. See, I have a problem of Segmentation Error. I already saw many post about that and I concluded that it was because of inestability of the model, so I change my timestep of 60 to 30 and it worked. However, I seem the time of...
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    Program interrupt in RRTMG LW CLWRF interpolated GHG with Segmentation fault (signal 11)

    The strange thing is that I run my program at other times without problems, but in July 2019, he always keeps interrupting without detailed error reporting information, and the interrupt points are usually RRTMG LW CLWRF interpolated GHG values year: 2019 Julian day: 182.270142 I've...
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    (RESOLVED) Segmentaition fault when running wrf.exe

    Hello all, I'm running WRFV4.5 with sf_urban_physics=1 (i.e., SLUCM), unfortunately, the model stopped after integrating several hours. The error information which I got is as follows: [ib0414:86410:0:86410] Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault: address not mapped to object at address...
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    segmentation error when running 3km resolution but success in 10-km

    Hi ,everyone, I'm having a little trouble running init_atmosphere I am running MPAS-A 7.3 using single precision with era5 data to generate INIT file , but faile because segmentation fault。Like this: So, we print variable A in mpas_atm_advection.F, and found NAN and INFINITY, like this: Our...
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    Transient seg faults

    Newbie to WRF. Version 4.5. Successful compilation under WSL2 Ubuntu 22.04 (after a few days of permutations, of course). Running 9 km dx=dy. 0.25 GFS initialization. 8 processors. 24-hour run. (namelist.input attached. The rsl files don't show much out of the ordinary, except for what...
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    Polar filter segmentation fault

    Hi, Has anyone used the polar filter? I was running WRF v3.8.1 (LES mode) and was just testing the FFT routine by enabling the call of the subroutine pxft in solve_em.F (I commented out the "IF (config_flags%polar) THEN" and "ENF IF" statement). Then when running wrf.exe, I got segmentation...
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    WRF Restart Runs Fail When Mosaic Land Use Tiling Is On

    Hello, I am attempting to run nested (9km x 3km x 1km) urban simulations with the use of the mosaic landuse categories option. The simulation is stable and the output is realistic when I initialize and integrate the model forward in time. However, whenever my compute limit is reached and I...
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    Segmentation fault after N time steps in real.exe with ERA5 boundary conditions

    Hi all, I'm attempting to run a three-month simulation with WRF using ERA5 boundary conditions. I have successfully generated the metgrid files and real.exe runs fine for small time subsets. When I try to run real.exe for the full simulation time it segfaults, always during loop number 626. The...