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    WRF always stops at the same location with cfl error

    I am running a case that and always seems to stop at the same time. Things I have tried: 1. Increased number of cores (8 to 16 using mpirun -np 16 ./wrf.exe) 2. Increased ptop (5000 to 3000) 3. Increased e_vert (45 to 50) 4. Decreased time_step (90 to 60) 5, Checked rsl files: I have...
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    when executing for WRF-V4.5

    File name that is causing troubles = You can try 1) ensure that the input file was created with WRF v4 pre-processors, or 2) use force_use_old_data=T in the time_control record of the namelist.input file -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE...
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    Vertical loop index in subroutine "advect_w" when the polar flag is on

    Hi. I'd like to ask about the vertical loop index (for tile, kts, and ktf) in WRF(v3.8.1). In the subroutine advect_w located in dyn/module_advect_em.F, I found that the vertical loop index is kts:ktf as shown below. ``` IF ( config_flags%polar .AND. (j == jds+1) ) THEN DO...
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    Error opening wrfinput_d01 while was running WRF

    Hi, all I want to run WRF on 1 October 2014 to 1 November 2014 After I run metgrid, check the value for ‘num_metgrid_level’ = 27 using ncdump and already set namelist.input too. But I run WRF, have error opening wrfinput_d01. I attached ‘namelist input’, ‘rsl.error.0000’ and ‘ncdump_megrid’...
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    wrf.exe always stops at the same point

    Dear all, Hi, I'm trying to run WRFv4.0.3 with fnl grib2 data. But after a few seconds running wrf.exe, it suddenly stops with no error. I tried it in serial, also with 16 mpi but it always stos at the same point. With mpirun, this stops with this message. starting wrf task 0 of 1 (it...
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    Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

    Greetings everyone. I'd like some help with a problem i'm facing while running wrf.exe. I'll attach my namelist, rsl.error and rsl.out files, since i'm not even able to track down the problem. Thanks in advance
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    Altered SST Cells Cause Simulation to Break Several Years into Run?

    Hello there, This post is tangentially related to a previous post I made (found here). In that post I detailed how the ERA5 data I was using showed the Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, etc. islands within the SSTs (being 0 Kelvin) but did not appear in the landmask. After being stumped on...
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    Modify static data in WRF but segmentation fault

    Hello ! I want to replace the static data of LAI, ALBEDO, and LU_INDEX in WRF. I chose to directly replace the data. After the replacement is successful, both metgrid.exe and real.exe can run successfully, and the resulting data is fine. However, in the final step of running...
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    Aviation Weather Parameters in WRF

    Good morning everyone, I was wondering if WRF output can help calculated some aviation weather parameters or if anyone knows how to calculate them with WRF python? I am looking for these parameters: - Freezeing Level - Cb potential - Turbulence potential Please let me know if you have any...
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    Segmentaition fault when running wrf.exe

    Hello all, I'm running WRFV4.5 with sf_urban_physics=1 (i.e., SLUCM), unfortunately, the model stopped after integrating several hours. The error information which I got is as follows: [ib0414:86410:0:86410] Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault: address not mapped to object at address...
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    Error Running the WRF with UCM

    Hi all, I am running the WRF model with UCM over eastern united states. The problem is the errors I am facing with UCM. The model works with UCM off but when the UCM is on it will stop after a few hours or even days. I attached the namelist and rslerror files.
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    Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference

    I am currently using WRF 4.5 to perform regional climate simulations over the Tibetan Plateau. However, I consistently encounter an error when running wrf.exe: Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Backtrace for this error: #0 0x151d5f527ad0 in ??? #1...
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    URBPARM_LCZ error when runing wrf.exe with bep + bem options

    Hi everybody, I appreciate all the answers provided by this forum, it helps with the model. I am pretty novice on WRF and MLUCM simulation. However, it seems that i have a problem running WRF with sf_urban_physics = 3 and use_wudapt_lcz= 1 I used w2w tool to generate geogrid file with lcz map...
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    Terminated when running WRF.exe with BEP/BEM, EXIT CODE: 134

    Hello, WRF Team Thank you for your contribution! I am running WRF-Urban with BEP/BEM. However, when running wrf.exe it quits after a few minutes. When I change sf_urban_physics to 2, the model runs fine, but I want to check the energy consumption values, so I have to set sf_urban_physics to 3...
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    Error: normalize_basetime - Denominator of seconds cannot be negative

    Dear Forum Members, I'm experiencing difficulties running wrf.exe after successfully running ungrib, geogrid, metgrid, and real.exe programs. My setup involves utilizing ERA5 as input data and versions 3.7.1 and 4.0.3 for running WPS and WRF respectively on a HPC cluster. I have attached the...
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    forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

    Hi, I am using WRF-chem 4.4.1, but while running the wrf.exe, I am getting the following error. WRF NUMBER OF TILES = 1 d01 2017-11-01_00:00:00 ---------------------------------------- d01 2017-11-01_00:00:00 W-DAMPING BEGINS AT W-COURANT NUMBER = 1.000000 d01 2017-11-01_00:00:00...
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    Questions about "nens" in stochastic parameterizaion schemes

    Hi, I'm WRF model newbie. I'm running WRF model with 3 domains and I chose the physics suites named NCAR Convection-Permitting Suite. And I added the option Stochastic parameterization schemes. This is part of my namelist.input &stoch rand_perturb = 1, 1, 1, nens...
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    Not really sure how to use e_vert and stretching

    Good morning, Could someone please explain how to use e_Vert and the stretching variables? Like I have read the tutorials and I am still not sure how to use it properly. I have attached my namelist.input for someone to help me.
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    e_vert & num_metgrid_levels

    In practice does e_vert need to be larger than num_metgrid_levels or can they be the same?
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    ERROR reading namelist namelist_quilt when running wrf.exe

    I'm trying to run wrf.exe using WRF-4.3.1. All WPS and real.exe were completed successfully. When I try running wrf.exe. I end up with the error below in rsl.out.0000. Attached the namelist file I'm trying to use. Many thanks in advance. Edit: I have also tried with sime_step = 162 seconds...