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  1. S

    Regridding / Convert Lambert projection of WRF outputs to Lat-lon projection + MASKING according to Shape file

    Hi, I have run the WRF simulation using Lambert projection. For verification, I have to convert the projection to lat-lon projection and have to mask it according to my shape file for ease of comparison. For this, I have used the rcm2rgrid function in NCL. where I can convert my grid, but...
  2. S

    Convert Lambert to lat-lon projection and masking it for a given region in the domain using functions in NCL website.

    Hi I am trying to convert a wrfout file which has a lambert projection to the lat-lon projection (which I trust is equidistant cylindrical also) and mask the output on the basis of the shape files I have. The problem I see it that using the code...
  3. E

    WRF-python post-processing wind speed issues

    Recently, I used uvmet from WRF-Python to extract the U and V components of wind velocity. However, when I extracted the composite wind speed from uvmet_wspd_wdir, I found that the wind speed calculated using the U and V components differed significantly from the directly extracted wspd values...
  4. J

    Interpolating WRF data (on structured grid) to observation location (latitude/longitude point)

    Hey there, I'm trying to figure out what the best Python function would be (from wrf, SciPy, etc.) to interpolate gridded WRF output data to a specific observation location at a latitude/longitude point, across various vertical levels. I know that some NCL functions are supposed to handle this...
  5. L

    Calculate the total cloud fraction using the CDLFRA variable

    hello. I am working with regional wrf-arw outputs. And I would like to obtain the total clouds (cloud fraction) from the variable CDLFRA. CDLFRA is a 3-dimensional variable. I don't want to just show the maximum value of the vertical at each grid point. I have already checked several...
  6. L

    Is there any processor to convert WRF outputs to .sam (SAMSON) and .ua (TD-6201) formats?

    Hello everyone, I would like to convert WRF outputs into input files for AERMET, and I have seen that one option is to have the mentioned formats above. Another option is through mmif; however, I have observed that mmif does not provide the .sam and .ua formats (although it does offer other...
  7. W

    WRF Domain Wizard GONE and OFFLINE

    Good morning, The WRF Domain Wizard is still recommended as a way to create namelist files for WRF and WPS and is hosted on the GSD website. However, it has recently been taken offline. So is there a new recommendation from NCAR on its replacement? What other alternatives are there to...
  8. A

    Way(s) to illustrate a diagnostic 2D map over the unstructured grid - Python

    I am a new MPAS user an I apologize in advance if the question/description is not clear or if it doesn't make any sense at all. I want to work with the original unstructured arrays and am trying to find a way to illustrate a 2D map with python. I am loading a history file and I can construct...
  9. F

    Relative vorticity as WRF output

    Hi, everyone First of all I hope that you are well, continuing with the post I want to ask if there is a way to obtain the relative vorticity as output in the netcdf file from WRF, I have read that the only one that is obtainable is the absolute vorticity. I have been using these formula to...
  10. M

    Gust speed lower than mean wind speed in NMM output

    Hi all, I found that in the output of the NAM models by NCEP the gust speed is often significantly lower than the mean wind speed. NAM uses the WRF-NMM dynamical core. In terms of the grib output, I found GUSTS < sqrt(UGRD**2 + VGRD**2) I did not yet check if this is also the case for HRRR...
  11. ashish__shaji

    Warning while using ARWpost

    While using ARWpost for post-processing, the system produced a warning which is rather new for me. START PROCESSING DATA Interpolating to PRESSURE levels Processing time --- 2022-08-12_00:00:00 Found the right date - continue WARNING: The following requested fields could not be...
  12. S

    CRSIM simulator

    I am trying to use the CRSIM to simulate c-band and w-band radar values from my model output. When I run the test cases, they seem to work, but I soon as I try with one of my files, I get the following error At line 170 of file ReadConfParameters.f90 Fortran runtime error: Bad real number in...
  13. E

    error on executing wrf.exe

    Good evening, I am new to WRF and I have two concern to ask for clarification. 1. Regarding the 4 nested domain, when I execute the wrf.exe with slurm batch file, I have faced this error longjmp causes uninitialized stack frame ***...
  14. S

    Plot Cloud Patterns and Clouds at Different Heights and Cloud Effects

    Hi, I Need to Plot Cloud Patterns and Clouds at Different Heights through NCL from wrfout files. Any positive leads will be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  15. J

    post-processing of WRF output-convert x/y (lat/lon) dimensions to radius?

    Hi, I have done wrfoutput file from which I need to plot a time-radius diagram in grads. there are so many variables in the wrfout file/. I would like to know which variable I should use to convert x/y (lat/lon) dimensions to radius? I would be obliged if anyone can help me. Thanks and...
  16. A

    Upscaling Wrfout file for calculation of verification metrics

    Hi, My wrfout files are at 10km, 3.3km and 1.1km. My task is to verify the performance of the different domains with MSWEP gridded satellite data which is 0.1 degrees for different size areas. Therefore, I want to upscale (resample) all domains to the resolution of the MSWEP data. My wrfout...
  17. B

    Precipitation map with RAINC and RAINNC (WRF model output)

    Hi I am new in WRF model. I have a WRF model output, I need to make a map with these data. Can you explaime how to do it ? Can I use Python? Thanks
  18. F

    showing new parameter in ncview

    Dear All, I am trying to simulate a dust storm and analyse it by Dust load. I can see the results in ncview, while, there are 5 of them based on their size category. which their names are DUSTLOAD_1, DUSTLOAD_2,..., DUSTLOAD_5 I want to define a new parameter named total dust load which is the...
  19. T

    What is the recommended WRF post-processing tool?

    What is the recommended WRF postprocess tool? Before it was NCL, right? Then WRF-Python. Now it is NCL again, right? Thanks!
  20. P

    Vapor 3.6.0 Release

    Download here : See new features in Vapor 3.6.0 here: New improvements include: - Slice Renderers can now be arbitrarily oriented - The Contour Renderer now supports 3D variables, and can also be arbitrarily oriented...