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Calculate the total cloud fraction using the CDLFRA variable


New member
hello. I am working with regional wrf-arw outputs. And I would like to obtain the total clouds (cloud fraction) from the variable CDLFRA.
CDLFRA is a 3-dimensional variable. I don't want to just show the maximum value of the vertical at each grid point. I have already checked several recommendations that I have obtained in the wrf-arw forums. I am using only python. Without libraries like wrf-python.
With Wrf-python, NCL you get total cloud fraction per layer (low, medium and high) but I don't want to only show the average of these layers.
One common approach is to obtain the maximum cloud fraction at each column, and use that maximum value as the cloud fraction in the column.
The results obtained with the maximum value in the vertical for each grid point are practically homogeneous tending towards the maximum value.
For that reason I am looking for an alternative similar to the results of Algorithms wrf-python and NCL.
I am not sure of other approaches. Please refer to the literature and hopefully you can find a solution.