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static data

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    Optional fields not processed by geogrid.

    I'm using noahmp and I have downloaded all the geography files located at this website: Static Data Downloads But I am getting this message when running geogrid: Parsed 67 entries in GEOGRID.TBL Processing domain 1 of 2 Processing XLAT and XLONG Processing MAPFAC Processing F and E...
  2. K

    (Resolved) Why high-resolution terrain data does not match actual altitude?

    Hi, I have now made a three-layer nested domains simulation with a ratio of 1:3:3, the grid accuracy of the finest nested area is 1km, and then the longitude and latitude of my target site is very close to one of the grid points in the 3rd nested domain. The distance is only about ten meters...
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    Change in Mandatory Static Data

    Hello WRF community, I am running a simulation with two domains: d01 with 9km resolution and d02 with 3km. In the near future I will add a d03 with 1km resolution. Previous studies in the region of my domain show that changing the default WPS topography to ASTER with a resolution of 1s (90...
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    Changing terrain to an idealized shape - which static fields need to be changed?

    Hello WRF Forums, I have a question regarding changing a part of the terrain to an idealized shape, namely taking a mountain range and replacing it with a quasi-uniform (length-wise) shape with the same cross-section as the average cross-section. I know I could open up the binary topography...
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    MODIS landuse data

    Hello, I am trying to update the landuse input data in WPS to include a better representation of the glaciers in South America (by adjusting them based on the Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI)). I have previously done this using the USGS input data from USGS EROS LandCover GLCCDB V2p0 data files...
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    Troubleshooting WPS Geogrid.exe: Incorrect Range in Generated Static Geographical Data

    Hi All, I am moving on to the static geographical data with WPS version 4.2 for a specific region ranging from -60S to 90N latitude and -180W to 180E, with spatial resolution of 0.25 degree. But after running geogrid.exe, the static data generated covers the entire globe from -90S to 90N. Could...
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    could not open (or static file) though it really exists

    I try to follow the MPAS tutorial online but face with some problems for days, and hope someone can help me with it. The tutorial (including geog and met data) is downloaded from MPAS Tutorial — Practice Session Guide I have already run ./init_atmosphere_model with 40962 meshes, and...
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    New "greenfrac_fpar" tiff for binary WRF

    Hello everybody! I created a new climatology for "greenfrac_fpar" based on GLASS_MODIS products in tiff format, one file for each month. I merged the files into one file with separate bands in QGIS in tiff format. But when I went to convert the new file using this link: GitHub -...
  9. kalassak fields with erroneous values

    Hello! Some introduction: I have been trying to set up and run the MPAS-Atmosphere model (following the tutorial) and everything seemed like it was proceeding relatively well, until I ran atmosphere_model. It crashed without terminating, despite printing out a log.atmosphere.xxxx.err file with...
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    Latitudinal shift of Cheyenne's SRTM_3s topography data

    Dear WRF Community, I have successfully run a geogrid program using Cheyenne's SRTM_3s topography data for my 259m resolution simulation. However, while I checked the HGT_M variable using ncview I do see a latitudinal shift (to the north) of topography for SRTM_3s. I then checked the same grids...
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    plotting GEOG files

    How can we visualise the static geographical data (e.g., one landuse_30s file in GEOG)? Any matlab/python code available? Help is solicited ASAP. I am attaching a sample file for your reference. regards, V. Hazra
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    higher resolution in model than map

    Dear Colleagues, If I use the higher WRF resolution than that of the geographical static data, can I get more details? For example, 90m model resolution, 500m map resolution. Best regards, Stella
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    the type of geographical static data

    Dear Colleague, I would like to know which model is handled by WRF, Digital Surface Model or Digital Terrain Model (specifically Digital Elevation Model)? Best wishes, Stella