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3 urban classes and WUDAPT


Dear WRF community,

I would appreciate it if someone could explain me the differences in using the simple 3 urban classes and WUDAPT generated LCZ. I understand that WUDAPT provides more detailed information about urban area providing around 10 urban classes.
However, I would like to understand some moments.
(1) In which cases is it better to use WUDAPT rather than 3 urban classes?
(2) In the case of default 3 urban classes, is there a document based on which these 3 urban classes were proposed?
(3) In the WRF simulations, which steps should I take to activate WUDAPT integrated LCZs?

Thank you.
This feature was given to us by an outside source, so we don't have a great deal of experience with it; however, below is the snippet of information that was included with the release note for this scheme. There are a couple links that should direct you to publications and additional information. Hopefully that will be helpful.