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Abnormal 2m temperature pattern with WRF V4.4.1


Hello Everyone,
After the WRF upgrade from V4.3.1 to V4.4.1, I get an unrealistic cold temperature pattern when heavy rains occur. The pattern is shown on the attached document.
I have put on the cloud a complete set of files called "Saved_4.4.1-10-20-2022.tar.bz2" including namelists and the input wrf files generated by real.exe.
In some region in blue (see document), the temperature drops as low as 2°C although the real temperature was 16°C to 20°C !
I never saw this before.
I have used the same namelist for the previous 4.3.1 version and it went well.
As you will see in the namelist, the land surface model is NOAH-MP, radiation = CAM, and MP = 28.
I have also put the grib results named atlantic_d01 and atlantic_d03.

Thank you for your help.


  • Strange Temp patterns.pdf
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For information, I have tried with use_aero_icbc = .false. and it gives the same results
I also tried RRTMG for short and long wave model but same results.
NoahMP has been changed a lot in WRFV4.4. I am not sure whether these changes have resulted in 2-m temperature change.
Please confirm that WRFv4.3.1 and WRFv4.4.1 are run with the same namelist options and driven by the same input data.
Yes the namelists and the grib input data were identical while running both versions, 4.4.1 and 4.3.1.