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Adding support for CMA-GFS in WPS-V4.5

The CMA-GFS grib2 datasets is now able to be ingested by the ungrib program. The GRAPES_GFS(here in after referred to as CMA_GFS), the new generation of Global/Regional Assimilation and Prediction Enhanced System which is independently developped by China Meteorological Administration (CMA), has been put into formal operation. So we are committed to solving the problem of WPS correctly handling CMA_GFS forecast data.

One Vtable files(Vtable.CMA_GFS) has been created with the fields required by the WRF model.
Modifications to the ungrib source code: Adding support for code 738 in rd_grid2.F because model levels of CMA_GFS are on generalized vertical height coordinates.

The CMA_GFS real time data is here:

I've tested the program with an Intel compiler and it passed without errors. CMA_GFS forecast data were also used to test, the results are normal.

The issue is:Adding support for CMA-GFS in WPS by andrewsoong · Pull Request #236 · wrf-model/WPS