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  1. Q

    Unable to generate any *.exe when compiling WPS

    Hello everyone! I compiled WRF successfully, but I have trouble compiling WPS which no geogrid.exe, ungrib.exe, metgrid.exe were generated.I attach my configure.wps file and log.compile file below. Actually, I found something strange in the configure.wps file which are the 'COMPRESSION_LIBS' and...
  2. C

    Initializing WRF with HRRR prs data

    Hello, I am trying to initialize a wrf run with HRRR data from NOMADS. I keep running into an issue during the metgrid step in WPS where it can't find ST values or even PRES. I noticed someone else was having an issue with this before, see here: Missing values, but mentioned they solved it...
  3. R

    Troubleshooting WPS Geogrid.exe: Incorrect Range in Generated Static Geographical Data

    Hi All, I am moving on to the static geographical data with WPS version 4.2 for a specific region ranging from -60S to 90N latitude and -180W to 180E, with spatial resolution of 0.25 degree. But after running geogrid.exe, the static data generated covers the entire globe from -90S to 90N. Could...
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    ungrib.exe not executing second pass through to replace PFILE

    I have just run into a new problem when trying to run ungrib on some NAM grib2 files. the program creates the temporary PFILEs, but cannot proceed with the reprocessing, with the following message: forrtl: No such file or directory forrtl: severe (29): file not found, unit 10, file...
  5. I

    ST equals 0 when I use fnl to run wps

    Hi, everyone! I got a weird problem when I run WPS. Sometimes some grids become 0, but sometimes don't. But I use the same namelist.wps Could anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks!!!
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    WRF Land Cover Error

    大家好, 我正在尝试替换 WRF 中的默认土地覆被数据。首先,我在 GIS 中重新投影了新的土地覆被数据,并根据 USGS 分类对其进行了重新分类。然后,我将新的土地覆被数据转换为二进制文件并添加索引。我还对TBL和名称列表文件进行了修改。但是,运行土工格栅.exe后,geo_em输出显示土地覆被存在显著误差。 我已经上传了相关文件,并且使用的是 WRF 版本 4.1.2。我期待您的回复。谢谢。
  7. F

    Distance between parent-child domains

    Hey everyone I want to do a run using 2 nested domains, but I don't know if it exists any minimal distance between the parent and child domain boundaries. For example, in the attached image I have 2 domains, and the skyblue lines are the distances. Is there any good practice relationed with that?
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    Different result if GFS (global) or region?

    Hey, everyone, I would like to know that if my initial boundary conditions are the GFS, there will be some difference in the result if I use the whole domain of the GFS (global) or if I only use one area, for example only South America I want to do downscaling to the GFS forecasts
  9. W

    metgrid.exe error for CMIP6 data

    Dear all, I am trying to use the MPI-ESM1-2-HR ssp858 and apply the dynamical downscaling. To convert the nc file to intermediate files I am using the python script provided GitHub - lzhenn/cmip6-to-wrfinterm: tools to process cmip6 data to drive wrf. I successfully create the intermediate...
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    How to update SST in WPS?

    Hi, I'm a student who just started learning the WRF model. I want to run the model using era5 data and OISST data. First, I downloaded the OISST data and made it into an SST.grb file with the same process as the attached picture. After that, I tried to run unrib.exe and metgrid.exe after link...
  11. N

    Setting up a WPS domain for the limited-area MPAS simulations

    I am trying to run limited-area MPAS simulations over the south-central USA. However, having difficulties setting up a domain for the WPS. Any tips regarding the WPS namelist will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  12. J

    ERA5 ensemble: InputData for ungrib

    Hi I want to use ERA5 ensemble members for I.C and B.C. I downloaded surface and pressure data from "Copernicus Climate Data Store |," but there are 10 ensemble members in a single file. I tried using "cdo splitsel,1 ERA5-pl_membsers-20210831-20210831.grib ERA5-pl_membsers-20210831-20210831_"...
  13. L

    Errror while runnning ungrib.exe

    Hi, I'm getting the following error while running ./ungrib.exe *** Starting program ungrib.exe *** Start_date = 2023-05-31_00:00:00 , End_date = 2023-05-31_06:00:00 output format is WPS Path to intermediate files is ./ ERROR: Grib2 file or date problem, stopping in edition_num. i had...
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    ERA5 LANDSEA mask pulling from LANDMASK variable instead of the invariant file?

    Hello all, I am at the WPS stage of a WRF version 3.8 simulation over the Atlantic using ERA5 boundary conditions collected from the NCAR site below: NCAR RDA Dataset ds633.0 I use their surface data, pressure level data, and two invariant files for LANDSEA mask and geopotential/soil height...
  15. F

    (Solved) WRF executables successfully built but error occur when configuring WPS

    Hi, I am Grace, new to WRF and MPAS. I need WRF-WPS to build initial data for MPAS model. After compling WRF, I run the command ./configure under WPS directory, but get the following error: Error: The $WRF_DIR environment variable was set, but the WRF code at...
  16. A

    ungrib error for Grib1 and/or Grib2 files

    Hi, forum I am trying to ungrib ERA5 surface and pressure data downloaded from Copernicus Climate Data Store |. When I ungrib the data the PFILEs are created but then I get the following error. *** stopping in gribcode ***\n \tI was expecting a Grib1 file, but this is a Grib2 file. \tIt is...
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    Geogrid topography

    Hi I tried to insert srtm data 3s in geogrid. It works fine. But i didn t understand why if i plot HGT_M from geogrid nc file i see flat map and i didn t see any big difference respect to the default Attached a picture . Could be the way to plot HGT_M? Have you specifica script?
  18. H

    A bug in WPS-V4.5 about ICON-Global data processing

    Hello, WPS development team, @weiwangncar @grafmi @WQadam There is a bug in WPS-V4.5 about ICON-Global data processing when the ICON-Global data was ungrib. Although the ICON product specification( states that ICON-global soil...
  19. O


    Good day dear colleagues, Please I would like to know if the Global Land Cover Characteristics - GLCC data (GLCCGBE20, with Geographic projection) on is the same as the usgs_30s data in WPS. If it is not, can anyone send a link to where it can be downloaded from? Thank...
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    question about best practices for domains

    max_dom An integer specifying the total number of domains/nests, including the parent domain, to be used in the simulation. Best Practice Nested domains are necessary when scaling down from coarse first-guess (input) data to a fine resolution, and the recommended ratios for coarse data...