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    .p000 files when running metgrid.exe and real.exe not working after

    I am trying to run a WRF with a very large domain at 4 km. Running metgrid.exe on Derecho produced *.p000 files that I hadn't seen before. It appears that metgrid.exe runs correctly and auto-deletes the .p000 files. I then go to run real.exe, and I get the attached error before real.exe...
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    Problem with creating ungrib.exe

    Hi there, I was able to compile WRF-Chem successfully. When compiling WPS (v4.5), geogrid.exe and metgrid.exe are created, but failed to create ungrib.exe. These are the errors I receive: I selected serial mode with the same compiler I used to compile WRF-Chem. Please find configure.wps and...
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    problem about ungrib/Variable_Tables/Vtable.SST

    I tried to add the SST part in WRF, but I encountered the following error. I am using ERA5 data. How should I resolve this?
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    Time is not right when converting OISST data to intermediate data.

    Hello, I am a student who is studying WRF. I succeeded in converting OISST data into intermediate data using netcdf-to-intermediate.f provided by ncar, but there is a time-varying problem. This problem did not occur when I converted OISST data for 2022, so why is it happening? I would...
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    unloaded Vtable

    Hello I tried ungrib in WPS. As the picture shows, Vtable is unrecognized. What does the error "ERROR in Subroutine PARSE_TABLE" means? and How should I do next? Best regards.
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    Issues with converting SST nc data to grib

    Hi all, I'm in the process of updating SSTs in the WRF v3.8 model but I'm running into WPS issues when attempting to convert GLSEA SST data from netcdf to grib. I'm aware that there are similar posts on this forum however, after trying out a couple of different options, I am still running into...
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    Metgrid run with dmpar (parallel run)

    I am running WRF using WPS 4.4 version and would like to run metgrid using dmpar. As a result of searching through previous posts, I saw many people recommending serial because its performance is not bad. However, since we are trying to reduce the WRF execution time as much as possible, we are...
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    Is it recommended to use the same spatial resolution for all surface parameters?

    Dear users, The WRF model has 30 arc-seconds (~900 meters) as the higher spatial resolution by default. I read many papers where authors changed the topography (HGT) to a higher resolution (e.g. 90 meters). I also managed to change it. But now I have a question. The another surface parameters...
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    ERROR: Couldn't open file ./ for input. For command ./metgrid.exe

    Dear users, I am getting an error when trying to execute ./metgrid.exe. The error is ERROR: Couldn't open file ./ for input. Version Details : WPS-4.5 WRF-4.5.2 Input data : ds083.2 List of attachments: namelist.wps Vtable geogrid.log metgrid.log ungrib.log Please suggest...
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    An error occurs when running WRF

    Hello! I am running a month-long simulation, I am using WPSv4.4 and WRFv4.4.2, and I have the following error in./wrf.exe: -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 415 RIBX never exceeds RIC, RIB(i,kte) = 0.0000000E+00 THETAV(i,1) =...
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    Data from Global Forecast System Files

    Good day, Does anyone know where I can download historical Global Forecast System (GFS) files? I was downloading from this website before: Index of /data/global-forecast-system/access/grid-004-0.5-degree/forecast. But the historical data available is only a few months from today (23 April...
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    Replace soil category data

    您好,我想用 1km 分辨率数据替换 WRF 中的默认土壤类型数据。我使用命令 gdal_translate -of ENVI -co INTERLEAVE=BSQ texcls05_1km.tif texcls05_1km.b 生成账单文件。我还修改了索引和土格栅。TBL 文件。重新运行 ./geogrid.exe 后,输出 文件中的SCT_DOM全部丢失。 附上我的账单文件、索引文件、TBL 文件和姓名列表。WPS的。 谢谢!
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    Optional fields not processed by geogrid.

    I'm using noahmp and I have downloaded all the geography files located at this website: Static Data Downloads But I am getting this message when running geogrid: Parsed 67 entries in GEOGRID.TBL Processing domain 1 of 2 Processing XLAT and XLONG Processing MAPFAC Processing F and E...
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    Land-use categories

    Hello WRF community, I would like to make changes in the spatial distribution of land use in WRF. Instead of using MODIS, I will use an updated national product for Chile (LU-CL). For this purpose, I will modify the LU_INDEX variable. Obviously, I will use the same categories as MODIS...
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    Overlapping domains

    I am currently designing an OSSE using a single domain convection-allowing nature run and single domain control runs at the same resolution. The only difference is in the location and size of the domains - the nature domain occupies a much larger area. For ease of verification, I'd like to...
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    Using the GlobeLand30 data to create the urban fraction in USGS land use types

    Hi all, A paper has a sentence"Land use types have a resolution of 1 km The USGS data, where the urban fraction uses 30 m land use data from GlobeLand30, divided by city proportion 31~33 three categories, corresponding to low-density, high-density urban areas...
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    geogrid.exe stops without error with my own binary file

    Hi, all I'm trying to replace the MODIS land cover data with the high resolution data which has shape format. I changed this file with QGIS and made binary file with write_geogrid.c code which is in the WPS/geogrid/src directory. I moved this binary file into the GEOG directory to run geogrid. I...
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    (Resolved) Why high-resolution terrain data does not match actual altitude?

    Hi, I have now made a three-layer nested domains simulation with a ratio of 1:3:3, the grid accuracy of the finest nested area is 1km, and then the longitude and latitude of my target site is very close to one of the grid points in the 3rd nested domain. The distance is only about ten meters...
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    Cannot create geogrid.exe and metgrid.exe (dmpar)

    Dear All, I cannot create geogrid.exe and metgrid,exe with dmpar (./configure Enter Selection [1-40] : 19) The first error is: /scratch/xdeng40/WRF-PV/external/io_netcdf/libwrfio_nf.a(wrf_io.o): In function `ext_ncd_support_routines_mp_transpose_': wrf_io.f:(.text+0x438bf): undefined...
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    SST input resolution and LANDMASK

    Today I have noticed these weird squares in the simulations over the Adriatic. Turns out this is the consequence of the ERA5's SST resolution (which is, as are all ERA5 variables, 1/4 of a degree). My question is - what kind of impact can I expect from keeping the resolution of SST as-is...