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Calculation of 2m and 10m variables in WRF output


New member

I am working with some WRF output and have realized that, even when the moving nested domains in the WRF simulation move past land masses, there is always a non-NaN output value for the 2-meter temperature and water vapor mixing ratio, as well as the 10-meter u- and v-wind. This leads me to ask: are these variables calculated using the height above sea level, or are they calculated relative to the height of the ground (so, when we are over a land mass of height 50m above sea level, the "10m wind" would be 60m above sea level)?

Thank you!
2m temperature and 10m winds are variables above the ground level. At a land point 50m above the sea level, the "10m wind" would be wind at 60m height above the sea level.
NaN indicates something goes wrong in the model . Please look at your case and figure out possible issues.