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CM_AC_URB3D variable not found in wrfout


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Hi! I have run a real case with BEP/BEM model (sf_urban_physics=3). however, I cannot find the urban state variable like CM_AC_URB3D in the wrfout files. Only 2-4 variables including EP_PV_URB3D and DRAINGR_URB3D are included. What should I do to include those variables in the wrfout? Thanks.

WRF version: 4.4
Land cover in the inner domain: WUDAPT LCZ


  • namelist.input
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hello,I have run similar case like you,I also want to find the CM_AC_URB3D in the wrfout.but unfortuantedly not,do you solve it?
Hello, I also encountered a similar problem, when I added CM_AC_URB3D and E_PV_URB3D to the output variable, I found that their values are all 0, but I chose SF_URBAN_PHYSICS=3 and I also set it in the URBPARM.TBL file SW_COND=1, turn on the air conditioner, I also set PV_FARC_ROOF=1, why their values, including E_PV_URB3D are all 0
@2023xiaoli -a,
Since your question is more about the results of the simulation, and no longer about how to ensure the variables are in the output, can you create a new topic to post your question? In an effort to make the threads more reaadable and searchable, we like to keep each question separate. When you do, please attach your namelist.input file, and let us know which version of WRF you're using. Thanks!