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Doubt Related to Isfflx


Dear Sir,
At the time of using the Isfflx option Zero (0) or Two (2), Is it a thumb rule to put the PBL option as Zero? If we use other PBL options (instead of zero), Is it any problem?

Thanks and Regards,
isfflx = 0 and 2 with bl_pbl_physics = 0 is only applied for ideal case. For real-data case, isfflx should be 1 no matter whether bl_pbl_physics is on or off.
what if isfflx =1 in ideal cases and bl_pbl_physics = 1? should bl_pbl_physics be also set to 0 if isfflx =1 in ideal cases?
sfflx =1 only works for sf_sfclay_physics = 1,5,7,11. If you run with bl_pbl_physics = 1, you should choose sf_sfclay_physics from these options and set isfflx =1. Note that ideal cases may not contain full physics.