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ECMWF error in running real.exe

Mary-joe Medlej

New member
Hello everyone,

I'm currently trying to run WRF using the ERMWF data. I've already succeeded in running ungrib and metgrid (after downloading surface and level data separately and running ungrib twice). However, when I run real.exe, an error occurred. I've attached my namelist.wps and namelist.input files, as well as the rsl.out.0000. Please note that in the rsl.out.0003, I encountered a different error, which is:
from Noah to RUC - compute Noah bucket
d01 2022-12-07_01:00:00 forcing artificial silty clay loam at 47 points, out of 4761
error in the grid%tsk
i,j= 89 71
grid%landmask= 0.0000000E+00
grid%tsk, grid%sst, grid%tmn= 0.0000000E+00 0.0000000E+00 0.0000000E+00
-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
grid%tsk unreasonable

I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!


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